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Marylebone Implant Centre is appropriately located in the heart of the world famous Harley Street Medical district in London. Our Implant Centre is a UK reference Centre of Excellence in Tooth Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Francisco Santos and his staff welcome you to his clinic so we can better understand your needs and expectations when it comes to teeth implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. We have the experience and the right credentials that will lead you to the exceptional results that you are looking for.

At Marylebone Implant Centre, Dr. Santos and his staff are highly qualified, having one point in common. This is the fact that they have proceeded with their post graduate training and also with an academic affiliation supporting and teaching at local dental schools both in the UK and abroad. They also act as consultants and lecturers of some of the most prestigious dental academies and institutions in the world.

Complete implants FROM £995!

Yes it’s true! We provide the whole implant package from just £995. This includes the 3 components needed to complete the tooth implant: the implant screw, the abutment, and the final crown. If you are hesitant about the procedure or the expense, have a phobia of the dentist, or want to have some questions answered, why not book your FREE tooth implant consultation today?  Your time with one of our team members will last for about an hour and you will be given a full clinical assessment including x-rays. At the end of the appointment you will be given a fully itemised treatment plan with a breakdown of the implant costs and the opportunity to improve your smile and quality of life.

Our experience in implants matters

Here at Marylebone Implant Centre we place more than 1,000 successful dental implants per year.

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We also do hundreds of bone grafting procedures as well as many other oral surgery procedures here in-house. Compared to other dental implant clinics here in London, we more than double the amount of dental implant procedures they perform annually. This was made possible due to the fact that each team member has dedicated themselves on a full time basis to their fields of expertise, while other dentists split their time through the various disciplines of dentistry.

Besides the academic background, Dr. Santos and his staff at Marylebone Implant Centre have been involved in clinical practice in the UK for decades. Our relationships with our UK patients, coming from various parts of the country and also from abroad, have allowed us to understand the needs, fears, expectations, and concerns of our patients.
The number of procedures each of our team members have performed in their field of expertise is important because it has allowed us to develop our clinical technique and deliver optimal results. It also has allowed us to better understand the specifics of each patient including their concerns. It has also allowed us to be able to outline the difficulties of each case. The clinical experience is very important, and here at Marylebone Implant Centre we recognize that.

Dental Implant Centre

The number of procedures, each of our experienced dentists have performed in their field of expertise, is important because it has allowed them to develop their clinical technique and a way of delivering an optimal result, predictable and painless with less discomfort for the patient, but also to better understand the specifics of each patient, their fears and also to outline the difficulties of each case. The clinical experience is very important and our dentists have it.

Cutting edge technology

(technology = is the making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools, machinery, and procedures) Wikipedia 2011.

Marylebone Implant Centre uses state-of-the-art technology which is always present when you visit our clinic. During all the phases of your treatment process you will find a number of tools and instruments that will allow Dr. Santos and his staff to perform the most accurate and predictable dental treatment possible. From the diagnosis to the treatment plan, from the surgery to the prosthetics, our patients only receive the best service using cutting edge technology.

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This technology is more commonly known as our tools of the trade- our instruments. Anyone can buy them but the most important thing is having the skills and knowledge of the dentists using these tools and instruments to complete the perfect implant. You will find this combination of technology and knowledge at Marylebone Implant Centre.

Part of the ever important technology we utilize is the regular use of CT scans. At Marylebone Implant Centre, all of our treatment plans are done only after a full CT scan analysis has been performed, together with other extra oral and intra oral digital radiographs.

The 3-D images of the CT scan will allow us to measure the bone depth, width and density, as well as accurately define the location of anatomical structures such as nerves, vessels, and sinuses among other things. These measurements and findings are critical to performing a correct, predictable, and safe placement of dental implants. A correct diagnosis and treatment plan in implant dentistry is critical for your safety and comfort.

Dental Implants

Dental Implant Surgery

Guided surgery and immediate loading procedures

The 3-D CT scan will allow, in some cases, the fabrication of surgical guides upon planning on the CT scan software. These planning and tri-dimensional guides will allow the fabrication, beforehand, of a provisional restoration that will be able to be fitted immediately after the implants are placed. This process will minimize the patient’s discomfort and avoid the usage of provisional removable dentures or having unpleasant and uncomfortable gaps. It also reduces the length of the treatment and in some cases patients will be able to walk into our clinic without teeth and walk out with beautiful fixed teeth and a fantastic smile the same day!

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Our competitive prices

We have defined a very efficient structure based on the high number of dental procedures we have under taken in our implant centre.  Dr. Santos and his staff work full time, allowing an efficient management of our booking procedures, accommodating patient needs in terms of scheduling so their treatment plan can be carried out as smoothly as possible. Because teeth implants are our main line of work, the volume of work completed means that we are able to get competitive rates from our suppliers and pass them on to you. Quality is never compromised because we use advanced materials throughout the entire procedure to ensure that you, the patient, will be happy every time.

We also have 0% finance available for dental implants and other cosmetic dental procedures. We are able to spread the costs of your dental surgery over the course of your treatment.

 Everything under the same roof 

All the treatments done at Marylebone Implant Centre are under the same roof. This means that from the moment that you walk in our practice for the FREE consultation until the completion of your treatment, diagnosis through to dental crown placement are done in our dental implant centre at our exceptional location right in the heart of the Harley Street District.

We Also Provide The Following Dental Surgery Treatments

Invisalign – Invisalign uses a series of custom-made aligners which are made from clear plastic to effectively move the teeth to a correct position. Invisalign is the best way to transform your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life.

Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain veneers are a quick, aesthetic, and safe way to protect your damaged front tooth surface. Porcelain veneers correct permanent stains, teeth that are crooked, disproportionate, small (with spaces), and structurally damaged. Porcelain veneers are shells of ceramic material that can be chemically bonded to your tooth structure.

Porcelain Dental Crown – Dental crowns are restorations that protect damaged, cracked, or broken down teeth.  A crown strengthens your damaged tooth so as to preserve its functionality. Dental crowns are also commonly known as caps (because a crown sits over your existing tooth, covering the entire outer surface).

Treatment abroad

Our prices make travelling abroad for cheaper dental work a thing of the past!

Many UK citizens have travelled abroad in order to have dental Implants placed, other expensive cosmetic dental work, and more done to their mouth. Most of these people have realised that some other costs related with the travelling (several flights, airport parking, taxi fares, restaurant bills and hotel accommodation) were not considered and that would add to the final cost of the treatment plan. In reality, having the treatment done abroad can bring the treatment cost up to two or three times more than treatment in the UK.

A major drawback to getting treatment in another country is that most specialist work, like dental implants, require maintenance and follow up visits at some point in order to contribute to the longevity of the treatment received by the patient. Because of the cost associated with travel and other accommodations, most of these patients don’t keep up the regular maintenance of the dental work received abroad. This is only one of the factors that may contribute to the poor success of dental implants placed abroad.

At the same time, for legal reasons, it is very unlikely that teeth implant or other cosmetic dental treatments that were placed abroad will be followed up or repaired by registered dentists here in the UK.

Traditional Clinical Dentistry VS Corporate Dentistry

Traditional clinical dentistry is the dentistry model that we have used in the UK and most of the other countries around the world. This traditional dental practice is set up and owned by clinicians. Over the last decade there has been a boom of what is known by the term “Corporate Dentistry”. This is when the dental practice is not owed by dentists (clinicians), but by entrepreneurs. Under the umbrella word of efficiency, in corporate dentistry, dentistry is not a passion but a means to create profit. This may create a conflict of interest between the clinical side and the business side of the practice. Here are some things you may want to consider when choosing your dentist:

. What will be the direct impact of that on the final outcome of your treatment?

. Will you meet your expectations at the end?

. Who will be responsible for your treatment, guarantee, and the long term follow up?

. What If there is a problem with the implants in the future? Who will address it?

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Rest assured that the Marylebone Implant Centre is owned by some very passionate clinicians! Our relationship starts with your first enquiry which we ensure will be the very best treatment we can provide. You will never be just another number to u, but instead a lifelong friend and advocate of our passion for our work in the dental industry.

We use the best biomaterials and dental laboratories and we follow state-of-the-art techniques in this particular field of dentistry, which is why we have been so successful for so many years.

Long term commitment

Each patient represents a long term commitment at Marylebone Implant Centre. One of the most critical aspects, which sometimes are neglected by other implant centres, is the follow up and maintenance of dental implants. Apart from the guarantee that we offer upon completion of the treatment plan, we strongly believe that it’s very important to check yearly on the condition of the bone and soft tissue (gum) around the implants and the state of the prosthetic components. The maintenance of the implants should include a visit to a dental hygienist with experience in dental implants, which we have here at our clinic.

Implant and Cosmetic dentistry is our passion

Implant and cosmetic dentistry is our passion here at Marylebone Implant Centre. This is what we have dedicated so many years of our professional lives to with regular updates, post graduate courses, and academic activities in order to provide cutting edge techniques for our patients which lead to outstanding results.

All of the dentists here are registered with the GDC and all of the treatments offered are recognised under current GDC, BDA and UK standard guidelines.

The Marylebone Implant Centre operates under the strict guidelines of the Care Quality Commission.


My initial thoughts on dental implants was with hesitation but, having gone through the experience at the excellent M.I.C. I wish I had had them sooner. My first visit for a consultation with the totally professional Dr Santos was so relaxed and friendly my confidence was established straight away and I decided to go ahead. Every step of my treatment was explained to me and any questions immediately dealt with by Dr Santos and his team who I feel gave me the highest quality service I could have had. I would highly recommend the M.I.C to anyone considering dental implants for this gentleman’s skill and expertise.

Wickford.  Essex.

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